Oleg Stavrowsky’s Daughter and Son Exhibit Together

Born in Harlem, New York, in 1927, Oleg Stavrowsky’s interest in art began in high school. During The Second World War. Oleg was drafted into the Army, served in Europe and honorably discharged as a staff sergeant in 1949. After his return to the United States he met and married his wife Carol. Together they have raised eight children.

We are especially pleased to have two of his kids, daughter Lesa Delisi and her brother Luke, exhibiting their artwork together for the very first time at this years Art Show and Auction.

The following excerpt is from the August 2015 issue of Southwest Art magazine. Get the Southwest Art August 2015 print issue or digital download now–then subscribe to Southwest Art and never miss another story!

“For her first art show in 20 years, Delisi is thrilled to set up with her brother. “I used to paint and used oils but developed [health] problems with the paint,” she explains, so for the past two decades she’s worked instead as a speech therapist, a graphic designer, and an advertising director.

“My little brother [Luke] started painting when I quit. Now that I am painting again, we plan to do a lot of shows together,” she says. Today Delisi paints western Americana—anything in the West that she finds beautiful and intrigues her—in acrylics, and she and Luke will be exhibiting their works in a combined space that may well showcase a few pieces of their father’s work as well.

Luke’s piece is called “When Harry Met Sally.”  It is a 24″ x 27″ acrylic of two horses, Estimated at: $2,500 – $3,000. It is Lot 50 and can be viewed by clicking on the link to our auction.

Lesa Delisi’s piece is called “Bear Salad.”  It is a delightful painting of a bear enjoying the spring growth in Glacier National Park after a long winter’s hibernation.  It is an 18″ x 14″ acrylic.

Both pieces are exhibiting in Lake Tower Room 168 prior to Saturday’s auction.