William Stebe


William Stebe

Artist Name: William Stebe
Show Location: Bozeman
Booth Number: #44


Business Name: William Stebe Art
Phone Number: 406-691-0992


Art Category: Landscapes, Portrait/Figures, Ranching, Wildlife, Bozeman, and Oil Painting


William Stebe is a professional artist who has been living and painting in the mountain states of the west for over two decades.  His oil paintings have been displayed in many galleries throughout New Mexico and soon in Montana where he continues to show and sell in numerous venues.  He holds an advertising design degree, a fine arts degree from Tufts University, and a professional degree in the discipline of radiography, CT, and MRI. In 2010 William married Sonja, a fellow artist,  and continues his art career where his main focus is on oil painting in the studio and plein aire.

Plein aire painting has been the most transformational form of art making I have had the opportunity to be involved in. It incorporates some of my  favorite activities such as spirituality, the outdoors, motorcycles, meeting people, and usually sunshine. Each painting has a story of its own due to the endless hunt for the perfect scene or arrangement. New ideas are always creeping into my daily routine like chance meetings of new friends. As I have matured in my work with the support of my wife Sonja I have discovered an unlimited resource of inspiration. Future designs and encounters will no doubt yield more bounty of unseen depth of which I pray others might enjoy as much as I have. I believe that I am part of a generation of artists who have the difficult task of resuscitating the previously destroyed passion of beautiful art.”

Currently William is working more often in his new studio on a series of images inspired by his new home in Belgrade, MT of contemporary landscapes which portray elements of every day experiences anyone can encounter if they leave their homes and venture out into the wild which is commonplace to Montana.