Steve Woodhouse


Steve Woodhouse
Artist Name: Steve Woodhouse
Show Location: Bozeman
Booth Number: #10


Business Name: Revealing Rhythms in Wood
Phone Number:


Art Category: Abstract, 3D Carving, Mixed Media, and Other


I’ve lived and worked in Montana over 20 years, however, I grew up on the waters of Puget Sound in Washington. We camped and played on driftwood strewn beaches and boated from southern Puget Sound north into the Canadian San Juan Islands. I learned to snow ski at 4, water ski at 5, and became a certified scuba diver at 15. I’ve always been aware of rhythms: currents and tides, branches in the breeze, snow levels rising and falling with the seasons. My connection to rhythms was felt in the waters while diving, watching fish sway back and forth with underwater currents, as sole waited in line to have their backs stroked. When skiing, the rhythm is in the turns-breathing, tensioning and releasing. These days, my wife and I enjoy mountain lake living, water skiing with our children and grand kids, creek sounds, changing seasons, cycling of wildlife, huckleberries the bears share with us, and all nature’s creatures-rhythms. My senses fill with memories of our journey and fuel Revealing Rhythms in Wood.

Texture, color and shape form a living rhythm. Only man expects to see straight lines in things he tries to control, as I did as a custom home builder for more than 40 years. I was fortunate in 2013 to reconnect with my mom’s old wood-working tools, following the grain of found wood with the handle of her scraper in my right hand, while controlling the blade with the fingers of my left. I get a warm feeling between my shoulders and neck as the rhythm of the wood is revealed. Connecting and sharing, as I reveal the natural beauty hidden in found wood, is my calming rhythm.