Bonnie Zahn Griffith


Artist Name: Bonnie Zahn Griffith
Show Location: Bozeman
Booth Number: #11


Business Name: Bonnie Zahn Griffith Fine Art
Phone Number: 509-301-1188


Art Category: Landscapes, Ranching, Rivers/Fish, Wildlife, Oil Painting, and Other


I am a plein air painter and landscape artist who mostly works in pastels, oils and Encaustics.

This rich pigments of pastel and oil allows me to create paintings that have the brilliance and the bold color we see in the landscapes of the in the western United States.

These mediums lets me present this world with rich color and texture. I experiment with a variety of mediums such as encaustics, inks, paints and pastels, continually.

I have come  to realize that my best representation of the statement I wanted to make is with the bold and brilliant pigments; whether it be pastels, oil or waxing.

These allow me to  bring depth and texture, light and mood into a painting or print.

My goal is to create work  that draw the viewer in to experience the time of day, the temperature, the sound, the smells. I want the viewer to experience the work and get lost in it – even for a moment.

As a child of artist parents, I grew up on a ranch near the Missouri Breaks in central Montana. We lived in a remote area and there wasn’t much for a kid  to do in the evenings but read and draw. I did both, getting into my mother’s paints and paper; and create I did.  My life  was riding horses, drawing and painting, reading and all the stuff including chores a kid growing up on a good sized ranch does.  I don’t remember ever being “bored” because there was always something that interested me in one of these areas!  Pretty much all of that stuck with me and I chose to continue with the artwork and experiment with different mediums, finally, nearly exclusively settling on pastels and oils as the mediums of choice.

My love of the landscape prompts me to paint it.  I look for a story to tell when I look at the sagebrush hills, the lush river lands, the wheat fields, the intense greens of spring in rich mountain valleys and the ever changing colors of the desert.  My mediums allow me to tell that story with great color and intensity and if I have been able to create a piece that brings the viewer into it to experience it…then I have done my job.